Hiking on Orcas Island- Washington State

Orcas island  is filled with opportunities to go kayaking, fishing and whale-watching. There’s also a good amount of hiking considering the island is only 57 square miles. There are even lakes on this island to go kayaking, paddling and boating instead of going out in the ocean. It’s a pretty cool place. There is not much reception on the island,  but if  your looking to just get away, this is for you!


Doe Bay, Orcas Island

The main town on this island is Eastsound. This little town is home to many mom and pap shops, a library and has great places to eat! I literally had the best blueberry muffin I ever had in this town!


One of the biggest places to hike on this island is Moran State Park. There are waterfalls, lakes, mountains, forests, rivers, and probably more. The four waterfalls it features are right in the same area. They are all relatively short hikes. A couple of them go different directions though so you hike a little longer than what the sign says.


To get to all these main areas at Moran State Park, you will drive on Mount Constitution Road. This road will bring you to the waterfalls, the huge Mountain Lake, and all the way up to the top where there is a parking lot, and from there you can head up to Mount Constitution.


Mountain Lake








View up Mount Constitution


The lookout to go even higher!!!

You can hike up Mount Constitution from the parking area below. And from there you will weave through the mossy forests to get to the top. Or you can drive all the way up this curvy windy road, Mt. Constitution Road, and park at the parking lot up top.

From here, you will have just a short steep climb to the view, and this view is gorgeous!!!! There is also another opportunity to go even higher and climb up to the lookout where you can get an even higher view of the surrounding islands and mountains!!!!

Cascade Lake


Cascade Lake is another lake in the park. There is a beachfront, ice cream shops, and a business that rents out boats, kayaks, paddle boards and more. I was looking at their prices and their prices seemed reasonable considering that was at a tourist area.

Turtle Back Mountain Nature Hike 

Offers 8 miles of trails. There is a south end and a north end. The trails on the north end are more for mountain biking and trail running. The trails on the south end offer a 2.4 mile loop hike that gives you great views of the ocean, orcas island, and the nearby mountains and islands. This is a moderate hike.

Obstruction State Park


The map of the hiking trails and campsites. This is a very small state park.

This state park has hiking and camping. The campsites are all right off the ocean. Looked like a very cool place to camp! But pretty much everywhere around the island there has camping.

Doe Bay


Doe Bay shot from the hot tub!

This island is very beautiful. I also went to Doe Bay. There was the Doe Bay Festival going on when I went. There were numerous sailboats out in the ocean listening to the music on the island. It was amazing. Doe Bay Resort also has a hot tub and a sauna which is very nice to go into! Loved it!!!! And clothing is optional……

Boat Ride getting off the island


I literally had the best seat on the boat for the cruise ride off the island. I was the last one that boarded so my car was just a couple feet away from the water. I sat and laid on my car watching the ocean go by. I accidentally fell asleep I was so comfortable. And trunks aren’t that comfortable. I think the ocean just rocked me to sleep!


Loving Life!

Hope you enjoyed this article!!! Thank you for reading.

For more on the island I put a link below.





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