Montezuma- a great Waterfall adventure!!!

Montezuma, located on the Pacific side of Costa Rica, is a cool little town that offers surfing, hiking, wildlife, and most of all, Waterfalls that you can jump off of. There are a series of three waterfalls in an area walking distance from town. 

The walk is not easy though. You are hiking through a river, slipping and sliding through the river banks, and climbing up the side of a mountain to reach these falls. I was also hiking during wet season though. Probably a lot easier during dry season which starts in December.


The first waterfall you come across.

The first one you come to, you do not have to climb up the side of the mountain (unless you want to jump off of it). It is just simply up the river. This waterfall is the scariest one and the least jumped. You technically can jump it, but it is really freaky and only the most adrenaline-driven people do this one. There is swimming though at the base of the waterfall and people generally tend to migrate here so its a nice relaxing spot.


The view looking off the waterfall you jump off of. 40-45 feet high. What an adrenaline rush!!!! So high up!

The second and third waterfalls are right next to each other. Most people jump off the third waterfall which is the highest one up. It is not a high jump, its just a tad bit farther up the mountain. The jump is probably only 10-15 feet. The middle falls, is the adrenaline-jumping fall you come to. This one is 40-45 feet. It is crazy and amazing! Not many people do this one but enough do it where you feel “comfortable” enough to give it a try. Like I said, not many people do it. I mean were talking about jumping off a 40-45 foot waterfall but this is the safer one to jump from, instead of the first waterfall I mentioned.


My friend inching his way to jump off. Ahhhh.

When you do jump, make sure you go straight down like a pencil. The water is super deep and there are no rocks at the bottom. Jump to the left of the waterfalls and go a little bit out because there is a rock sticking out of the ledge. Not far out but make sure you give a little bit of a leap. If yo lean back, your ass is going to hurt really bad! Try to go in as straight as possible. I leaned a little back, and my ass was in such pain. The pain was over though in like 15 minutes.

There is also hiking near-by. You can see the trail right from the falls.  You can climb up this mountain and get a great view of the ocean. It a nice short trail so you can be back to falls in twenty minutes if you would like.


A bird deciding to join me for lunch. This little shit stole my cheese!!!!

In Montezuma there is more than just waterfalls but it is the highlight. You can surf. The town is really small so it is really easy finding yourself around. There is an ATM, two bars, a few restaurants (really good food), a supermarket, and tour agencies around in case you are interested in that (ATV’s, Snorkeling, Etc.).

As far as surfing goes, I seen most people having to walk pretty far to get to this “spot.” You just find your way to the Pacific and head south. If you are in town looking at the ocean, walk left. And walk pretty far down until you come around this bend and then here you should see people surfing.


There are also coconuts all over the beaches. A friend of mine and I walked down trying to find the perfect coconut. We called it our coconut adventure, failed pretty hard but it was all in good fun. I never cracked open a coconut before so you can practice that here because there are a plentiful of them lying on the beach floor. The second day we were just simply walking along the beach and WALA. The most perfect coconut we have seen just lying right in front of us for the taking. Cracked it open (easier said than done,) and the juice was sooooo good!!!!! Loved my first wild coconut experience. 🙂


I like this place. It was a nice simple town with cheap accommodations. I stayed in downtown Montezuma hostel. It is right next to the bus station, right next to town (you can walk to the super market in thirty seconds), and it only cost me $12 for a private room! And free breakfast (only pancakes and coffee.) But, I loved having a private room for twelve dollars. It was my dream come true lol.


Coconut Adventure!

I hope you find yourself here. It’s a nice little town. Also if you like surfing, there is Santa Theresa nearby. This town, you literally go for surfing and sunsets. For more information about Santa Theresa you can click on this link below.


Love the wild!

Hope you enjoyed and have a great day/night!




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