White Sands National Monument- New Mexico

White Sands National Monument is such a cool place to explore! I use to know nothing on the state of New Mexico and did some research on the best hiking spots in the state. Quite a few of articles mentioned White Sands so I decided to check it out for myself. I must say, I get it and I agree. It’s gorgeous here! I visited in the month of November and the contrast of colors were mesmerizing.Make sure you hike a trail when you are here. Driving through the park is neat and you get to see the abundance of sand, but hiking on the trails is too beautiful to miss out on. There aren’t many trails and they are relatively short. The nature trail, being only one mile is a must! It takes you around a scenic loop and gives you interpretive signs to read up on the fauna that is in the area. The signs are meant for kids, but I’m sure you will learn something new. I sure did.

The longest trail is a five mile trail at the very end of the scenic drive. It takes you up and down sand dunes and is very exhausting. Make sure you bring a hat, sunglasses, a snack and plenty of water to do this hike.

Lots of families come here to enjoy the park. Many people brought their own sleds, primarily the saucers, and they sled down the sand dunes. You don’t go very fast, but it is still fun for the family. This park is kid and dog friendly. Even for the elderly there is a boardwalk that will bring you out to the sand and is wheelchair accessible. Saw a couple on horseback in the back-country as well watching the sunset. It’s a big playground for all! Oh, and can’t forget about the couple getting married on a sand dune. It was a very eventful day!!!

Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading!

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