Santa Theresa- Surfing and Sunsets

If you like surfing and sunsets, this is the place to be. Not going to lie though, after this, there really is not much to do. I also went during rainy season and it was more than wet. It was so wet, the streets were mud and walking around was just unbearable. All the roads are dirt roads, there is no concrete anywhere, so walking around was just a bit intolerable. 

This town is really one main strip with agencies pretty spread out. Don’t want to sound like a downer here but I wasn’t a fond of the set-up of the town. You can rent ATV’s to make transportation easier. It’s going to cost you about fifty dollars a day though.


Santa Theresa Beach- Best sunset I ever seen. All natural, no filters!!! 

As for surfing, which is mainly why travelers come here, there are two main spots to go. One of which is easier for beginners. Smaller waves but still a decent size. The waves smaller by the beach and increasing in size paddling out to the ocean (about three feet.) Just ask around. There is not a name of the beach as far as I am aware. But if you go to a surf shop, they will tell you where to go.

The beach you go to with bigger waves is called Santa Theresa. The waves are best (as far as when I was there,)  very early in the morning, 6am and in the late afternoon, 4-6pm. With this time, in the late afternoon, I have seen the best sunsets in my life. Every picture turned out gorgeous and the colors in the sky were the brightest I ever seen.


Surfs up 🙂 

If you go to Santa Theresa, a near-bye town that is really cool is Montezuma. I highly recommend going to Montezuma for a couple days. There are waterfalls you can jump off of that are 15 meters/45 feet. It is amazing and so much fun. And just getting to the falls is half the fun, walking in the jungle with the trail going over rivers and up mountain sides. It’s a lot of fun. You can click on this link and go to the article I wrote on Montezuma for more information.

So to sum everything up, Santa Theresa is a place to go to for Surfing and Sunsets. It’s more of a relaxing town. There are cheap hostels here and the people here are really relaxed.

Hope you enjoyed and have a great day/night.




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