Highest Point in New Mexico- Wheeler Peak

Wheeler Peak, standing at 13,167 feet, is the tallest point in the state of New Mexico. It’s a beautiful hike, bringing you up 3,000 feet of elevation. The trail is pretty steep in some parts but overall, the trail gradually brings you to the top, a 8.4 mile out and back trail.
Once at the top, it can get extremely windy. Especially in the winter months. We had about 65 mph winds. We summited in the month of November, and my boyfriend did get blown over and I had to dig my hiking pole into the ground to try to not get blown over. It was actually really scary at some points where we had to stop dead in our tracks and wait until there was a more opportune moment to keep walking on the petrifying ridge line. It didn’t get very windy until the last .2 miles of the trail when you walk on a ridge line to get to the very top.

Once at the top, it is gorgeous! You get a clear 365 degree view where you can see miles upon miles of mountain tops and ridge lines. There is a plaque at the top of the mountain to mark your high point. Wheeler Peak is located in the northern part of the state at Taos Valley Ski Resort. There are signs that will lead you right to the trail head. Dogs are allowed on this trail.

The nearest town just south of the peak, is Taos. This little town is very different from what I am used to. Pretty much 90 percent of the shops are art galleries and studios. So, if you are into that sort of thing, then Taos is right up your alley!

I have a video right below on the hike!

Hope this article helps and thanks for reading! This peak is one of my favorites. It is absolutley breathtaking!

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