Highest point in Missouri- Taum Sauk Mountain State Park

The highest point in Missouri, Taum Sauk Mountain, is 1,779 feet and is located in Taum Sauk Mountain State Park. This hike is an easy stroll to the high point. When you park in the parking lot, there is a flat paved sidewalk that leads you to it. It was probably only .2 miles to get there. This is one of those high points where you are standing on a pretty flat plateau so it’s not very noticeable that you are even at the highest point in the state.

On the way to the high point, you pass a trail sign called Mina Sauk Falls. This trail leads you to the tallest waterfall in the whole state of Missouri dropping 132 feet! The trail is a lot more rugged with a couple hundred feet of elevation loss/gain, its also filled with millions of rocks everywhere. This trail is a loop and it’s three miles round-trip. I recommend doing this hike as long as you are not in the dry season. We went during the fall, and there were no falls! The best time to go is in the spring.


You can also go even further to make this an all day hike and go to Devils Tollgate. This will add another two miles round-trip and will take you further down the trail. When you get there, you end at an eight foot wide passage through volcanic rhyolic standing thirty feet tall.
So this high point can be as easy as a 10 minute walk on a flat paved sidewalk, or it can be filled as an all day adventure compacted with a high point, waterfalls and volcanic walls!

I hope this article helped! There is a video below on us exploring the high point and the waterfalls. Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading!


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