Highest point in Mississippi- Woodall Mountain

The highest point in Mississippi is Woodall Mountain reaching 806 feet! This high point is located just off of Mississippi Highway 25, south of the town of Iuka.

The highpoint is unique, special, and interesting because it lies in the immediate vicinity of a bloody battle fought in the Civil War. The Civil War battle of Iuka was fought September 19, 1862 and many lives were lost. You can read about the battle on the monument right at the high point. 

The highpoint is accessible by car as well, yes you can drive all the way up! There’s not much up there. Just a bunch of cell-phone towers and shacks. But, apparently the town wants to clean it up and make it special for those who visit the highest point in the state!!! This trail/dirt road is accessible year long. Most people who do this hike are high pointers, people who want to summit the tallest point in every state.

If you are unsure of what high pointing is, you can read this article I wrote about it. 

There is a video below!!! 

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