Highest point in Arkansas- Mount Magazine State Park

The highest point in Arkansas is 2,753 feet, which is the highest point in most states in the Midwest and in the south. The high point is located in Mount Magazine State Park. There is camping equipped with a bathhouse that has hot showers, a huge lodge and even cabins to rent. The State Park is nice, but small.

Signal Hill marks the highest point on this plateau and there are three different trail heads to get you to the high point. The longest trail of all three trails is 1.5 miles round-trip and is located from the lodge. From the campground, it is less than one-mile round-trip and all the trails are marked as a nice easy forest walk.

This is my sixth high point in the states and I have started to realize you meet a lot of other high pointers this way. Before this trip, I did not know what high pointing was. Now, I am realized it is a pretty big “sport,” I guess you can call it. There are a lot of networking opportunities from being a high pointer. There are clubs and organizations that allow you to connect with other people to share pictures, meet up, etc. and websites to help you keep track on how many you have summited. I had no idea how big of a community there was for high pointers.

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Mount Magazine State Park is located in the Ozarks which has great hiking, biking, ATV, fishing, and many other recreation activities you can do in the area. This is definitely a family oriented park.

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