Cody Wyoming- an old cowboy town

Cody Wyoming, located about an hour and a half East of Yellowstone and is one of my favorite places in Wyoming. It has that old rustic cowboy feel without the touristy feel of it all. 

Many of you have probably heard about Tombstone, Arizona. Not to talk bad about the place, I was there and thought it was cool but, it was so touristy it felt like a Disney set up of the wild west. Cody however, still keeps its charm. It’s more of a natural feel in which they didn’t have to try so hard to make it look like an old cowboy town. But rather, it was an old cowboy town, and kind of still is. They have an attraction called “Old Trail Town.” I believe the entrance fee was ten dollars. It’s quite small, but I guess that’s how the towns were in those days. They also have some letters that were written at that time, framed up in their original format and you can read them. It’s pretty wild how it was back then and what they use to talk about.

Not many people know about this place which probably gives it more of that rustic appeal. Plus, the nearby areas haven’t been built up that much. It’s still a small quaint town after all these years. The houses are all brown and mostly wooden. There are horses trotting up and down the road. It’s a pretty cool place to visit.

The landscape is gorgeous. Even just coming into the area to see the landscape is worth it. You drive alongside mountains, weave in and out of canyons, get to see a huge reservoir with camping and trails that take you up into the mountains. There is also a dam you can visit free of charge. It is not as big as the Hoover Dam, but I think it is much prettier. The views you get to look at standing on top of the dam are absolutely gorgeous.

I had no idea this place existed. I went into this town for an appointment because it was the closest town to me at the time. Then I was awestruck by the beauty of the drive just to get there and plus the town itself. I think those are the best trips. When you expect nothing and find yourself somewhere where you want to visit again.

Behind the Buffalo Bill Reservoir, there are many trails you can hike, and also if you have a truck, Jeep, or another capable vehicle, you can drive on these dirt trails which is quite fun! You can easily spend a couple days up there. Go camping, hiking, fishing, off-roading, see the dam, the old town and also can window shop in the small town that they built up.

I definitely recommend checking out this place if you find yourself in the area!!!

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed!!!!



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