See Seals in their natural habitat, for FREE!!!!!

There is a seal sanctuary right off the coast of California, right off highway 1. It is north of Hearst Castle, pretty much directly in-between Los Angeles and San Francisco. It is called Piedras Blancas Elephant Seal Rookery. There are so many seals molting/resting/mating/giving birth right in front of your eyes! Obviously not all at [...]

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First timers going to Los Angeles: helpful tips I wish I knew!

Los Angeles is huge offering so many things to do! Being from across the country, Buffalo NY, I only heard of the attractions Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood Sign, Venice Beach, Santa Monica Pier, Malibu and all the other well-knows tourist areas. But I had no idea what to expect as soon as I got to the [...]

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How I drove across country only spending 6 dollars, minus gas money

Have you ever wanted to drive across country but felt that you couldn’t because it costs too much? There are ways in saving money and only spending money on necessities when driving across country. […]

Backpacking and hiking meals. Also healthy eating.

It’s a weird concept, bringing food to sustain yourself on the trail for a period of time with out refrigeration. There are only so many foods you can take with you on your journey that doesn’t spoil and is light to carry. This is the kind of thinking I had when I first began backpacking about [...]

Living paycheck to paycheck right now but want to travel. Go and live paycheck to paycheck somewhere else!

Do you want to travel but don’t do it because of money? “If I’m living paycheck to paycheck here, how the hell could I ever afford to travel,” you ask yourself.  Most people in this world right now are living paycheck to paycheck. And that feeling sucks! I should know, I’m one of them. […]

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Stop living the normal life and go for your dream!

You put a week of vacation time into work.  You have nine days off if you include both of the weekends, before and after. “OK, now where am I going to go? There are so many places I want to see.” […]

Getting ready for a Crazy Adventure to the National Parks!

I have had two major dreams my entire life. One, to find my biological father. I eventually found him when I was 25 years old, didn’t work out. Two, travel all around the world. Now with this second dream, this is no simple or ordinary dream, and it takes a lot of planning! With this [...]

How to save money for your Dream Trip!

I am planning a trip right now, that is huge! I am hoping it is going to last a long time! In three months, I am planning on taking a National Park extravaganza for approximately four months or more. After that, who knows what will happen. I just know I want to keep going. […]

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Tips on getting prepared for your backpacking trip

When you are planning a trip, any trip, a lot can go right, and you just planned a trip of a life-time, but on the contrary, a lot can also go wrong. You can get lost, you might not have brought enough food, the environment is a lot harder than expected and your not getting [...]

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