What to expect when you backpack internationally via hostels

When backpacking abroad, their are a few options to choose from when looking at accommodations; airbnb, hotels, couchsurfing, and of course hostels. I’m not going to say which option is best for you because there are pros and cons to each, but if you like cheap accommodations, meeting people and [...]

Tips and Tricks for Living out of a Car

I have lived out of a number of vehicles of all sizes from a small Chevy Cruise to a Buick Park Avenue to a Jeep Grand Cherokee. I have definitely learned a thing or two from all these experiences and hopefully this article will help! […]

Road-trip on the Cheap!!!

Everyone loves a classic road-trip, but what stops most people is the root-of-all-evil, money. These tips and tricks below may help you on spending less while on the road.  […]

My experience working and living in National Parks

I don’t have all the money in the world to travel, actually I have no money to travel. So, I got a job in the National Parks to sustain myself so I can work, still make money, and see what I’ve always wanted to see. […]

I quit my job, packed my car and left!

I lived a normal life just like most people in the world. I commuted to work, got stuck in traffic, had the “same shit, different day” feel, and worked the 8-4 Monday through Friday job. I also hated it! I felt stuck, angry, depressed, had anxiety and was filled with boredom. So I left!  [...]

First timers going to Los Angeles: helpful tips I wish I knew!

Los Angeles is huge offering so many things to do! Being from across the country, Buffalo NY, I only heard of the attractions Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood Sign, Venice Beach, Santa Monica Pier, Malibu and all the other well-knows tourist areas. But I had no idea what to expect as soon as I got to the [...]

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How I drove across country only spending 6 dollars, minus gas money

Have you ever wanted to drive across country but felt that you couldn’t because it costs too much? There are ways in saving money and only spending money on necessities when driving across country. […]

How to save money for your Dream Trip!

I am planning a trip right now, that is huge! I am hoping it is going to last a long time! In three months, I am planning on taking a National Park extravaganza for approximately four months or more. After that, who knows what will happen. I just know I want to keep going. […]

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