Tips for your first solo international trip!

If you are about/want to embark on your first solo international trip you’re probably feeling uneasy, nervous, unsure and you probably have emotions or doubt running through you. Let me just say, this is OK! […]

What to expect when you backpack internationally via hostels

When backpacking abroad, their are a few options to choose from when looking at accommodations; airbnb, hotels, couchsurfing, and of course hostels. I’m not going to say which option is best for you because there are pros and cons to each, but if you like cheap accommodations, meeting people and [...]

Backpacking internationally vs. Backpacking in the Wilderness

Until I experienced both kinds of backpacking for myself, I didn’t realize how completely different these two are, and yet we use the exact same word. When someone says their doing a backpacking trip around the world, it generally means this person is going to be living out of hostels, hotels, air b&b’s and/or out [...]

Tips and Tricks in getting around Central America

I spent three months backpacking through Central America. I have got to admit, I knew almost nothing about Central America before I did this trip. I knew there was the Panama Canal, Costa Rica, and that was pretty much it.  I was oblivious to what was down there and the only [...]

Backpacking through Guatemala

Guatemala was my most favorite country in all of Central America, with it’s high mountains, an abundance of volcano’s, it’s exuberant Mayan culture, with colorful towns and cities. I spent a little over three weeks backpacking there and had such an amazing experience! It’s relatively cheap and mostly safe. There is definitely theft and crime [...]

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My favorite places in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a very affordable country to visit, with their cheap accommodation, food and transportation.  This country has a lot to offer with landscape and activities and in most places, I felt safe. Nicaragua is becoming the new Costa Rica.  The tourism industry is becoming more and more popular every year and their country is [...]

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Santa Theresa- Surfing and Sunsets

If you like surfing and sunsets, this is the place to be. Not going to lie though, after this, there really is not much to do. I also went during rainy season and it was more than wet. It was so wet, the streets were mud and walking around was just unbearable. All the roads are [...]

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Montezuma- a great Waterfall adventure!!!

Montezuma, located on the Pacific side of Costa Rica, is a cool little town that offers surfing, hiking, wildlife, and most of all, Waterfalls that you can jump off of. There are a series of three waterfalls in an area walking distance from town.  […]

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Are you looking for a party beach town? Go to Bocas!!!

Bocas del Toro is an incredible place to visit. I literally had the time of my life there and I really recommend it! It is right on the Carribean of Panama and is made up of nine main islands. You need to take a water taxi just to get here and it really is amazing!  [...]

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