Everything you Need to Know about Thru-Hiking the Arizona Trail

In February of 2017, I decided to hike the AZT on a whim. The trail is an 803 mile trail running North and South from the borders of Mexico to Utah. I gave myself not even two weeks to prepare for this trip. It turned out great, but depending on how thorough you want to [...]

Tips on getting prepared for your backpacking trip

When you are planning a trip, any trip, a lot can go right, and you just planned a trip of a life-time, but on the contrary, a lot can also go wrong. You can get lost, you might not have brought enough food, the environment is a lot harder than expected and your not getting [...]

Tips On Lightening Your Backpack

Tired of all those aches and pains. Me too! Unfortunately, I can’t take those away. But, I have lightened my load by using these few steps, and if your interested, so can you! […]