Black Mesa- Highest Point in Oklahoma

Black Mesa, this highest point in the state of Oklahoma, is located on the very western part of the state, only about a quarter mile from the border of New Mexico. Actually, the highpoint of Oklahoma is part of the Colorado Plateau and highest point of that same plateau is in Colorado. But, you wouldn’t think that when you are there. When you are at the highpoint, yes it is obvious you are on a plateau, but it’s not obvious where the plateau gets higher. It’s really flat up there. Once at the highpoint, there is an oblisk which you can not miss.

The trail is relatively easy, it’s primarily flat except for one area. The total evavation gain is around 700 feet and you climb most of that just in one area. The rest of the trail is nice and flat. The trail is very well marked with benches at every mile. The trail length is 4.2 miles to the peak and is an out and back trail.

I would not hike this trail for the sights, but it is a nice refreshing hike. I did not see one other person on the trail, but saw hundreds of cows. They enjoyed being on the trail too. Lots of cow pies to walk around.

The area use to be home to the dinosaurs in the triassic and jurassic periods, and there is a dinosaur track site right by there. The land is currently a high desert climate, but back then, it was swamps, hot and humid, and was lined with tall lush green ferns. When you’re hiking this trail filled with dried grass, cactus and cows, and just think back to how it was when it was swampy, hot, muddy, and filled with dinosaurs, that’s just really cool! Well, at least I thought it was.

You can watch the video right below :).

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed!

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