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Backpacking internationally vs. Backpacking in the Wilderness

Until I experienced both kinds of backpacking for myself, I didn’t realize how completely different these two are, and yet we use the exact same word. When someone says their doing a backpacking trip around the world, it generally means this person is going to be living out of hostels, hotels, air b&b’s and/or out of huts of some kind. Very rarely out of a tent. This person will be traveling through a country or several countries going from one place to the next. Where wilderness backpacking means you will be living out of a tent, hammock, cowboy comp (no tent, just lay on ground,) or some kind of other shelter. When someone is wilderness backpacking, this is where one sets off into the wild for at least one night in the back country, carrying everything one need to survive in the wild. Both types of backpacking completely different, yet people use the exact same word. (more…)

Backpacking through Guatemala

Guatemala was my most favorite country in all of Central America, with it’s high mountains, an abundance of volcano’s, it’s exuberant Mayan culture, with colorful towns and cities. I spent a little over three weeks backpacking there and had such an amazing experience! It’s relatively cheap and mostly safe. There is definitely theft and crime there, but with some safety tips and common sense, the average person should have no trouble experiencing this beautiful country. (more…)

Ever want to go to Panama?!?

I will be honest. I never had an incline to visit Panama. “What in the world is in Panama, besides the Panama Canal of coarse?” I knew so little about the country. I was nervous being a solo woman traveler, not knowing Spanish, and knowing so little about the country. But I went, and it was the best decision I ever made!!! (more…)

Of all the trails I hiked out West, these are my favorites!!!!

I hiked sooooo many trails out West and I loved every one of them for their own individual reasons. I won’t even say every state is different because even in every state, most of them have different climates in them! The West has so much diversity and it is unbelievable. I think some of us Americans take for granted the real treasures we have right in the US. I’m about to show you my favorites!!!  (more…)