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Living on the Dirt 

Budget Traveler * Hiker * Backpacker * Solo Woman

About Me

Hi there! I’m a 28 year old female, hailing from Buffalo, New York. Yes, I come from the land of chicken wings!!! I’m definitely an outdoors person, a crazy hiker/backpacker and I have a huge passion to travel the world! I don’t come from money. I work so hard on making my dreams a reality. I use to live the “normal” life and I didn’t have the courage to solo travel until just a few years ago. I was so afraid and what I came to find was, it was the best decision I have ever made and now I caught the travel bug! My website is very user-friendly in helping you find your perfect travel destinations/hikes, and I have a whole drop-down menu called “resources” offering all kinds of tips. If you enjoy hiking and low-budget travel, this is the site for you. I hope you find this website useful and feel free to reach out. Thank you for reading and happy trails!!!

Living on the Dirt/Shelly

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  • Mississippi- Woodall Mountain

Highest point in Mississippi- Woodall Mountain

The highest point in Mississippi is Woodall Mountain reaching 806 feet! This high point is located just off of Mississippi Highway 25, south of the town of Iuka. […]

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