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Living on the Dirt 

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About Me

Hey there! I’m 28 years old, from Buffalo New York, and an avid hiker with a huge passion for adventure and the outdoors! The goal of this website is to help you find your perfect hike or travel destination. I’m a low-budget traveler so most of the stuff on here is either free or inexpensive. My favorite hobby is hiking, but I love just about everything as long as its outside. So backpacking, canoeing, mountaineering, snowboarding, I’m down!  I hope you find this blog useful to help you find your perfect travel destinations! Thank you for reading .

Living on the Dirt

AKA Shelly

Most Recent Posts

My experience working and living in National Parks

I don’t have all the money in the world to travel, actually I have no money to travel. So, I got a job in the National Parks to sustain myself [...]

Cody Wyoming- an old cowboy town

Cody Wyoming, located about an hour and a half East of Yellowstone and is one of my favorite places in Wyoming. It has that old rustic cowboy feel without the [...]

Teton National Park : Best Hiking and things to see and do!

The Tetons are one of my favorite mountain ranges in the world! With that said, make sure you don't just drive through it like most visitors, but rather set time aside to explore the [...]

How to quickly convert Kilometers to Miles; Celsius to Fahrenheit; and Meters to Feet

If you are like me, and from the US, traveling to pretty much anywhere is a challenge right from the start with using the Metric System. It’s so foreign to us and it seems so [...]

Everything you Need to Know about Thru-Hiking the Arizona Trail

In February of 2017, I decided to hike the AZT on a whim. The trail is an 803 mile trail running North and South from the borders of Mexico to Utah. I gave myself not [...]

Backpacking internationally vs. Backpacking in the Wilderness

Until I experienced both kinds of backpacking for myself, I didn’t realize how completely different these two are, and yet we use the exact same word. When someone says their doing a backpacking trip around [...]

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